Application Fields of Rishbin Slitting Machine

Slitting machine, also known as slitting machine, decoil slitting machine, applied in all walks of life.
The slitting machine is a slitting equipment production line for longitudinally cutting a wide roll of material. Applied to plastic industry, textile industry, metal sheet processing industry and so on. The same name, different application industries, different applications of broadband plate. The Rishbin slitting machine is mainly used in the sheet metal processing industry.
The main processing plate of Rishbin Slitting Unit is the metal plate, which is suitable for stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, tinplate, silicon steel and cold hot-rolled carbon steel. The rolled sheet is cut into strips that the customer needs, and the special equipment production line for recoiling is re-harvested. After processing, the various coils will undergo a series of processing, such as mesh stamping, sheet metal forming and other metal stamping parts. These metal stamping parts will be applied to the processing of hardware parts and the processing of computer stamping parts, such as ships, cars and other stamping parts. In the final analysis, it is still applied to the post-pressing industry. There is also a more widely used slitting slitter between the tube machines. When the customer needs a certain diameter of the metal tube, the slitting line is generally used. The corresponding specifications for the processing of sheet metal are obtained from the production of the tube production line to obtain the tube required by the customer.
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