Basic Knowledge Of The Slitting Production line

The slitting production line is a kind of product that we need badly. Since we all know its importance,  we need to gain some basic knowledge about it, only after we fully understand it then we can use it better. Here we would like to share some basic knowledge with you with the hope that these simple knowledge can be helpful to you. With this knowledge, it will be easier for production and maintenance. Product scale can help achieve efficiency and convenient after-sales service, some large factory accessories are not common, it cannot be bought in the market, so the maintenance is difficult, in the future, common opponents are the trend. All mechanical motion adopts centralized control, the entrance high function PLC programmable control system realizes the whole process control, equipped with a high precision servo motor and numerical control system to ensure precision and reliable hydraulic system. Slitting production line is an important processing machine in the field of metal coil processing, which is widely used in steel, aluminum and copper processing plants. With the good market prospect,  every industry has been using this word, we can understand the slitting production line from the scope of the machine. 

At the back of the machine, the finished product pallet system can be added to collect the tailored cutting boards into pallets. To speed up, tension is very important. Now the slitting engine progresses to 800M/MIN, but it must match the tension device. Used for slitting metal coil, such as strip steel, stainless steel, copper... It is mainly used in steel processing manufacturers (steel market operators, steel rolling manufacturers, electrical appliances industry, automobile, stamping parts and so on) for cutting leather, cloth, plastic, film and so on. Application of slash machine: it is widely used in automobile, agricultural vehicles, containers, household appliances, packaging, building materials and other metal sheet processing industry. The equipment is composed of rewinding, material location, slitting, unwinding. The sheet processing fee is higher and the investment is easier to take back. Now there are several other types, such as pressure plate, belt tensioning and roll tension, these are all changed from the original one. The biggest upper wind of the press plate is low cost, easy to hurt the plate when the line tension is high, and it may make the felt achieve high-temperature and result in self-ignition. Belt tensioning high speed is not used, because of the belt loss, the use of money is very high, the material surface without damage is required to use, and the belt tensioner manufacturing cost is very high. Now more than 300M/MIN model is roller tension and plate type tension mixed type.

Why is this? Because the roll tension can reduce the surface friction of the plate and get the tension. Not subject to the speed limit, it is the main direction of the future longitudinal shear dividing machine research and development. As we can see from the table above, the higher the speed is, the lower the cost is. Why do so many people choose 120-meter line speed? Because now the low-speed machine cost is lower, the price is cheaper, the average price of 220 meters is twice the price of 120 meters line speed, and only a few factories can do it, while 420 meters can only be produced by those big factories in the world. Now, the price in Taiwan factory is the twice than the factory abroad. With the high speed, German and Japan factories is 4-10 times than that of other factoriies. When the coil is sent to the hydraulic unwinding, the center of the inner hole of the coil rises to the central height of the unwinding, and then it is introduced into the uncoiler expansion cylinder to tighten and the trolley is lowered back to its original position. The application of three kinds of high and new technology on the surface of the coil without damage. The annual expenditure on factory rent and labor is as follows. This is the structure of the slitting machine. It is characterized by reasonable layout, convenient manipulation, high automation, high production efficiency and high working precision. It can process various cold rolled, hot rolled coils, silicon steel plates, stainless steel plates, color plates, aluminum plates, and all kinds of metal plates after electroplating or after coating.

Automation and high-speed models. It is used for the separate paper type: this is also the mainstream product in the packaging equipment, and it is common in the packaging market. Its main function is to cut the wide coil material in the length direction into a narrow size coil material, so as to prepare for other processing procedures in the future. Roller type live sleeve bridge: one group, the hydraulic oil pressure cylinder model specifications, production line flow direction: facing the control platform, the presupposition is from left to right, visual users change directions in the field, the above is the unit of the equipment composition. Take 1350 sheet type full automatic head type slitting stripe as an example. Two energy-saving parts and scale. The steel plate leveling crosscutting unit has the function of the high-efficiency shear plate, and it can cut all kinds of rolled sheet materials into different specifications through the opening, leveling and sizing. It is an essential efficient processing line for the metal sheet feeding industry. Now, the slitting production line with the line speed above 300 meters has been built in Taiwan's famous factory. According to our customers, it can only be produced in Germany.