Brief Introduction of Slitting Process

For the operation of slitting machine, the slitting process includes many aspects. For example, when we operate the slitters, we must pay attention to the preparation before operation. We should also pay attention to the adjustment of its scissors.
steel slitting

Today, let's mainly talk about the detailed slitting process.

In the slitting process, the first thing we should do is to operate the decoiler. In general, it is to take a coil  hoisted to the saddle directly. Then put the strip steel on the center line of the decoiler, followed by the front moving support, then lower the trolley, roll up the diameter, and press down the roller, or manually and directly put the strip through the force guide roller.
steel coil slitting

What's more, for the slitting machine itself, the master worker puts the coils into the pinch roll, and press in pinch roll to clamp the strip, and then we can feed the coil into our coiler jaw  and expand the diameter.

steel coil slitting
Finally, let's talk about collection of waste materials. This means that after operating with the slitting equipment, we should remember to put the waste edge wires directly into our edge material collecting machine, and then start the edge material collecting machine. In this way, our waste collection work will be completed.