Can Slitter Achieve Precise Cutting of Copper and Aluminum Sheets?

With the development of technology, the demand for the precision of copper and aluminum sheet cutting is more and more high. Considering the characteristics of copper and aluminum sheet itself, it is difficult to realize the precise cutting. What improvement should be made on the slitters to accomplish this task?

The precise cutting of copper and aluminum sheet needs the coordination of all aspects, only with a slitter is far from enough. The cutter is also one of the most important factors. Compared with the cutting of other materials, the shearing of metal requires greater shear force. In the slitter, the shear force is produced by a rigid shear system that consists of a number of circular knives and isolating rings which are piled one on the other.

If any piece of a circular knife or an isolating ring in the system has unflatness, the blade will be reduced under a huge shear force. The consequence is to increase the gap between the upper and lower blades, thus causing burr will appear on both sides of the strip. The above analysis shows that the precision of the cutter of the slitter is the most important in the precise cutting of copper and aluminum sheets.