Copper Strip Slitting Machine Introduction

As the earliest domestic specialized manufacturer of metal slitting line(stainless steel, iron coil, aluminum coil, etc.) , cross cutting machine, slitting machine and other equipment production line research and development, production, sales in one of the professional manufacturers - Rishbin, today we will Briefly introduce one of them - knowledge about copper slitting machine.
Copper strip slitting machine, as the name suggests, is mainly used for slitting and cutting processing equipment production lines of metal copper materials. In industrial processing, the raw materials that customers usually purchase are not the specifications that we want. At this time, we need related machinery and equipment to process our materials, and the processes are all carried out together. In order to achieve more precise demand and maximize the utilization of raw materials, the requirements for relevant processing equipment will also increase.
Here we will take a video of the copper slitting line taken from our customer site to give you a brief explanation of the workflow of the entire slitter.
The basic components of the slitter
Uncoiler - slitter - winder. These three components are essential and indispensable. Of course, for the accuracy and efficiency of the processing materials, there are many auxiliary devices in the slitter design. As you can see from the video:

The first is the unwinding process of the coiler for the copper coils to be processed; then the buffering pits; then the correcting slitting is a slitting slitting device, and finally the coiler is used to take up the copper coils of their own specifications. At this point, copper coils have been slit by the slitter according to customers' own specifications. Of course, we can also see in the video there is a waste edge machine that is used to collect excess copper coils after installation of the specification slitter. You will certainly think about how such heavy copper coils are placed on the uncoiler. After being separated, how is it unloaded? Of course, there is a complete copper strip slitter and many other components. For more details, please refer to the slitter product page.
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