Decoiling Leveling Shear Production Line

The decoiling and leveling production line is also referred to as the decoiler machine in the industry. The decoiler machine is divided into slitting and cross-cutting according to the direction of cutting. The production line is mainly a special equipment for metal coil cold leveling, using multi-roller working principle, so that the sheet material in the positive and negative directions between the leveling work roll repeated deformation, eliminate stress to achieve the purpose of leveling. Then, the uncoiled board is leveled, sized, and cut into pieces of desired length. It is mainly used in the industries, such as metallurgy, vehicles, metal structures, ships, pressure vessels, containers and other manufacturing industries, metal warehousing, and sheet distribution. According to the user's requirements, the corresponding molding equipment can be used for a wider range of functional extensions.
Rishbin's decoiling leveling shearing production line mainly consists of loading trolley, power uncoiler, lead traction device, residual material hopper device, correcting device, leveling machine, shearing machine, conveying device, pneumatic palletizing device, hydraulic pressure System, electrical control system components.
The cutting equipment features
1.The production line is a complete new set of equipment (including all parts, components and accessories), which can efficiently perform all operations of decoiling, leveling, and fixed-length shearing. It has good performance and is suitable for mass production operation.
2.The main parts of the production line are made of high-quality materials. The selected mechanical, electronic, electrical components and control systems are advanced, high-quality, practical and reliable internationally renowned manufacturers, or domestic advanced technology, as well as reliable and stable series of products.
3.The production line has a complete mechanical transmission, lubrication device and electrical control system. Its structure is reasonable, stable, durable, safe and reliable, as well as simple operation and easy maintenance.
4.All the moving and transmission parts of the production line should be well lubricated and equipped with safety protection devices to ensure the stable and long-term operation of all components.

Rishbin, decoiling leveling shearing production lines are divided into three categories: decoiling leveling shear line, uncoiler leveling shear line and decoiling leveling fly shear line. The main processing plate: stainless steel coil, hot rolled coil, cold rolled rolls, aluminum coils, galvanized coils, electrolytic plates and other metal coils.