Factors Influencing Slitting Quality of Precision Slitter Machine

Rishbin Steel Slitter Machine
In the process of sheet metal material processing, precision steel slitting machine equipment is often used to complete high quality slitting of materials. It should be noted that in the process of precision slitting machine operation, the actual slitting quality is often affected by different factors. Thus users need to take this into account during production.

Firstly, during the operation of the precision steel slitting machine, staff need to take effective measures to control the change of horizontal clearance. In other words, it is necessary to pay attention to the blade tip jitter problem. Combined with previous production experience, this article analyzes the transverse jitter situation of the blade tip, mainly including the following four reasons: 

1. The precision of cutter shaft mainly affects the horizontal jitter of precision slitter.

2. The cutter used and the accuracy of spacing ring mainly affect flatness and smoothness.

3. Oil slick and dirt are attached to tools such as cutter and spacing ring when making knives;

4. When fixing the cutter, the horizontal pressure is not balanced.

So, in the actual work, in view of the horizontal gap changes, what measures should be taken? To analyze the reasons listed above, first of all, the cutter with good parallelism and flatness should be equipped for the precision slitting machine. At the same time, the inner diameter tolerance and truth of the cutter should be ensured to match the diameter of the cutter shaft, and the re-grinding quality should be improved.

In addition, it is also necessary to strengthen the storage method of precision dividing machine, cutter and spacing ring during the production period, and the staff should clean up the cutter shaft and tools in a timely manner before tool preparation. In this way, it can improve the quality of slitting machine to a certain extent.

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