Future Trend of Steel Slitting Line

Now the steel slitting line is becoming more and more popular, so you must know the relevant knowledge. The conveyor adopts the anti-static driving rubber wheel with concentricity and roundness <0.02m/m, so the transportation is stable. We apply high and new technology without damage on surface of coil material. This slitter machine is a special machine for slitting of coils. The equipment consists of uncoiling, guiding positioning, slitting and cutting, and rolling. The higher the speed, the lower the cost, so why do so many people choose the 120 meter speed? Because now the price if cheaper for production of a low-speed machine, generally 220 meters slitting machine price is double the 120 meter one, but there are not many factories with the capability, 420 meters slitting line can only be done with world-class manufacturer. Preposition cutter design, easy to change tool grinding, easy to maintain. If you want the high strength aluminum alloy gas expansion shaft, light, durable, easy to operate, choose Rishbin.
Rishbin light gauge steel slitting line

The steel slitting line is an important processing equipment in the field of sheet metal coil processing. Steel, aluminum, copper and other processing plants are widely used and the market prospect is good. The production line covers an area of about 25*8 meters. Now we have a production line of 250M sheet metal slitting line in some factories, and Germans have got 700M. Take the 1350 sheet type slitting line as an example. For high speed, tension is important. The current slitter machine can be improved to 800M/MIN, but the tensioning device needs to be matched. Used for bar metal coil: such as strip steel, stainless steel, copper... It is mainly used in the steel processing manufacturers (steel market operators, steel rolling manufacturers, electrical industry, automobile, stamping parts, etc.). Rishbin can design and manufacture according to different material specification.
Rishbin medium gauge steel slitting line

Automatic slitting machine and high-speed machine. Using the human-machine interface with the super precision A.C servo control system, the size is accurate, the steel slitting line can be adjusted and set cutting speed, cutting length, cutting sheet number and other parameters. At present, the rent cost of factories is getting higher and higher. In some parts of the Pearl River Delta, the monthly rent of factories can reach 10-16 yuan /M2, and there is a trend of annual rent increase. Only in this way can it be easier to manufacture and maintain a steel slitting line. Product scaling is conducive to the improvement of production efficiency, and after-sales service is beneficial. Parts of some large factories are not universal and cannot be bought in the market. This is the structure of slitting machine, features: fair layout, easy operation, high automation degree, high production efficiency, high working accuracy, can process all kinds of cold rolling, hot rolling coil plate, silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, color plate, aluminum plate and all kinds of metal plate after plating or coating. Because of the high demand for energy conservation and emission reduction and the high cost of the plant, some old and backward slitting lines will be eliminated, and more and more processors will choose the following special steel slitting lines. Therefore, slitting line is used in various industries, and we can learn it from the application scope of the machine.

Rishbin heavy gauge steel slitting line
Features: slitting and dividing at the same time to reduce staff use and transport time, effectively improve productivity and production speed. Rotary aqueduct: one group, hydraulic cylinder model and specification of the upper and lower hydraulic oil pressure cylinders of the aqueduct, flow direction of production line: facing the control console, preset from left to right, visible users to change direction on site, the above is the equipment composition of the dividing machine. The cam-type cutting mechanism with good fastening and durability can be used to fine tune the blade gap, which is suitable for cutting different materials, different thickness and raw materials to extend the tool life. Before sending the steel coil to the hydraulic uncoiler, the center of the inner bore of the steel coil rises to the central height of uncoiling, and then leads into the expansion cylinder of uncoiler to be tightened, and the trolley is lowered back to its original position. Its main function is to set the length direction of the wide coil material shear into a narrow size of coil material, for the future other processing steps have been prepared.

Use of steel slitting lines: widely used in automobile, agricultural vehicles, containers, household appliances, packaging, building materials and other metal plate processing industries. Equipped with a double circular cutter, longitudinal and transverse cutting, while completing production. Coil surface without damage of the longitudinal cut the ribbon slitting machine plate processing fee is higher, and easier to make the investment back. Now has a clamp type. What kinds of belt tension and roll tension are several evolved? The biggest upper plate type is low cost, make the sheet production line tension is easy to hurt, there may be felt high temperature combustion; The belt tension type is not used when the belt tension is high speed, because of the high wear and cost of the belt, the material surface is required to be used without damage, and the manufacturing cost of the belt tensioning machine is also high. Now over 300M/MIN models are a combination of roller tension and roller tension, why should they be like this? Because the roller tension can reduce the friction on the surface of the plate, and the tension can be obtained. Therefore, it is the main direction for the future development of steel slitting line for longitudinal cutting.