Hydraulic, Pneumatic And Lubricating System

This production line has a set of hydraulic stations, it is specially designed for HJ-2*1000-00 leveling units, which can meet the requirements of every unit in the production line.

The hydraulic valves used in this product are mainly Beijing Huade products produced by the introduced Rexroth technology. This kind of valve has the advantages of compact structure, strong flow capacity, large flow rate, high pressure, small volume, low noise, and installation size in line with national standards. The hydraulic station is a quite precise component in the whole production line. If it is properly debugged, properly used,  with correct operation and careful maintenance, the hydraulic station can have a long service life, reliable performance, and satisfactory effect. Otherwise, it will get the opposite effect.

Main performance parameters of the production line of the hydraulic station

1. The working pressure of the system is 12Mpa.
2. The tank volume is 500L.
3. One motor: model Y132M-4-B5, speed1450r/min, power 7.5kw.
4. One oil pump: model PV2R1-25-F-R, maximum speed 1800r/min, 5. maximum pressure 17.5MPa, displacement 25ml/r.
6. Working medium: L-HM-46 anti-wear hydraulic oil

Structure characteristics and set values of various institutions

1. The hydraulic station is mainly composed of an oil tank, pump device, valve group and pipeline accessories. The pump station device is placed on the side of the production line, and the valve group is installed near the oil cylinder of the unit.
2. A semi-closed tank is used to prevent dust and other impurities from entering. The upper part of the tank is equipped with an air filter, and it can be injected into the tank from this place, and it needs to filter when refueling. 
3. A liquid level thermometer is installed on the front of the fuel tank, which make it convenient to observe the oil capacity and the oil temperature in the fuel tank, and can also prompt the operator to take corresponding measures. 
4. The valve group is the part of the hydraulic station which controls the execution action. All control valves are connected by plate and stack, and they are separately installed on several integrated blocks. The road from the pump station to each manifold block is connected with a hydraulic seamless pipe of 22 * 3.5, and the road from valve block to each oil cylinder is connected with the hydraulic seamless pipe with the diameter of 18 * 3.
5. The pressure setting values of various institutions are as follows: the pressure of hydraulic station system: 12MPa. Open expansion and expansion, reel expansion: 6 ~ 9Mpa. Tension platform pressure, divider swing: 3 to 6Mpa. The pressure of hydraulic station system under pressure under 12MPva pressure. The above values are reference values and can be changed slightly according to plate thickness and plate width, but the maximum pressure of the main line of the slitting line cannot be higher than 16MPa.

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