Installation And Adjustment Of Metal Strip Leveling Crosscut Production Line

Installation of the unit

1. The installation of the unit is based on the overall layout of the unit and the installation of the foundation map for the foundation and the installation of individual machines. The installation of the foundation shall conform to the state requirements for the installation of metallurgical equipment foundation and meet the workload requirements of each equipment.

2. On the basis of unit installation centerline, the deviation of each single channel center and centerline is within the range of + 2mm.

3. The allowable horizontal allowances for working rolls, countertops and shearing machines are 0.5mm/M and parallel to each other.

4. The installation position between the blade of the shearing machine and the measuring wheel directly affects the diagonal tolerance of the processing plate. It needs to guarantee the parallel tolerance difference between 0.2mm when installing.

5. The spool axis of the unwinding machine should be parallel to the axis of the pinch roll, allowing a difference within 0.5 mm, allowing the drum's free end to rise and extend.

6. The moving track for uploading car should meet the requirement of no resistance and a large swing when the car is traveling. After adjustment, weld the track with the pre buried steel plate, and weld the limit block at both ends of the track.

7. Before installation, the equipment should be repeatedly checked for installation accuracy.

8. After the accuracy of reexamination, the anchor bolts are fixed two times, and the requirements are firm and reliable.


1. The units need to make necessary adjustments before using.

2. The support roller of the leveler has been adjusted in the equipment factory, and no readjustment is needed. The adjustment of the upper roller is generally to make the gap between the upper and lower roll system of the exit side larger than that of the entrance side. And it can be adjusted according to the plate thickness and the plate shape during the use.

3. The gap between the upper and lower cutters of the shearing machine has been adjusted before the equipment is released. Generally, there is no need for further adjustment. While the corresponding check is needed to ensure the fixed bolts are not loose.

4. The brake pressure adjustment of the unwinding machine: when the damping effect is made, the air pressure can be reduced as small as possible, so as to prevent excessive pressure and serious heat of the friction disk.

5. The adjustment of oil pressure and flow rate should not be too large, so as the pressure of the material roller oil cylinder of the unwinding machine. And the swing speed of the looper should not be too fast in order to avoid impact.

6. Adjust the brake pressure of the unwinding machine. When the normal operation starts damping, the air pressure should be reduced as possible as we can, so as to prevent the pressure from being too large and the heat of the friction plate is serious.

After the first use of the unit for three months, the gear oil in the leveler reducer needs to be replaced, the lubricating oil is 40# mechanical oil, the medium oil in the hydraulic station is N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, and it should be replaced half a year later. When changing the oil, we should filter it and replace it once a year. The lubrication of the shearing machine should be ensured to be sufficient, and the rest parts are lubricated by separate oil cups. Each class should be lubricated once, and the unwinding machine drum should be lubricated once per shift. Lubrication of each rolling bearing is usually added to the equipment during minor or major repair.