Introduction of Cutting to Length Production Line

The fixed scale shear line is also called the flying shear. It is the shearing machine of the rolling piece in the transverse shear operation. It is a processing equipment that can quickly cut off the iron plate, steel tube and paper roll. It is the product of the cutting of the modern rolling bar. It has the characteristics of low power consumption and low investment cost.
For some thin plates, such as copper, aluminum and silicon steel, it may be imprinted with stop shear, and the cutting speed is difficult to reach the requirement of 60m/min above speed. Rishbin machinery, after years of R & D and production of flying shear equipment, has provided a better solution for some of the difficulties of our customers.
First of all, we need to understand the shear principle of flying shear measuring line. As follows:
The sheet material in the flying shear line is provided by a feeder to the shear line through which the shear pieces are cut quickly. A synchronous speed and a synchronized length are calculated from the arithmetic unit of the linear cutting length and the average rate of plate supply. A reference pulse of synchronous speed corresponding to a frequency. The synchronous length is provided to the first digital controller to control the feeder and the second digital controller to control the rotary shear.
When the steel coil is supplied at the synchronous speed, the first digital controller with a way to control the discretion of the feeder transmission speed of steel plate and adjust in wire cutting to cut the length of the coil length.
When the steel rolls are rotated at the synchronous speed, the second digital controllers control the rotation speed of the rotating cutting edge in one way and the length of the circumference of the 360° rotation path of each cutting edge.
According to the customer's demand for speed and precision, we provide different flying shear configurations for customers.