Leveling Machine for Metal Slitting Machines - Shovel - Pressing Arms - Clipping - Shears

For RISHBIN Machinery, we previously talked about the hydraulic feeding trolley and the hydraulic up-starting and uncoiling machine of the metal slitting line. According to the entire slitting and slitting production line, the uncoiling work for metal coils basically ended. In order to make the plate processing more precise and smooth, when the slitter design, that is, the above two components, there is an essential leveling host, as well as related components of this series of components, such as shovel head, pressure arm, clamp Send and shear the bed. Today, Rishbin Machinery will continue to explain to you the knowledge of the relevant technical parameters of the leveling machine, shovel head, pressure arm, pinch and shear bed of the metal slitter.

Leveling machine, shovel head, pressure arm, clip, shearer
Ensure that the steel strip enters the front looper correctly and quickly. It is also the unwinding power after the start-up linkage. The shearing bed is used to cut off the end of the board or to cut the board in fixed lengths, which is composed of a pressure arm, a shovel head, a pair of rollers, a leveling machine, and a power mechanism.
Main frame structure: welded by steel, steel plate, etc.
Press arm: It consists of a telescopic two-stage platen and a cylinder. Lifting and retracting of the receiving frame is completed by pushing the cylinder. In standby, lowering can facilitate the operator to unwind the job. After lifting, the plate head can be inserted and the plate head can be introduced into the counter roller pinch machine. Hydraulic cylinder model specification, HOB FA-Ф80*340mm.
Shovel head: The shovel head is composed of a guide rod, a pressure head, and an oil cylinder. When unwinding, the bending part of the material head can be smoothly entered into the clamping and leveling by the initial leveling of the shovel head.
Roller pinch machine: The upper roller is filled with polyurethane adhesive to increase the friction of the clip, to prevent slipping, the lower roller plated hard , the hydraulic cylinder synchronous lifting on the roller, and clamping force is adjustable.
Hydraulic shears: Double cylinder power. Hydraulic cylinder model specification, HOB FA-Ф150*150mm. The lower tool holder is fixed, when the upper tool holder is cut in the following way.Besides ,it has the four-edge blade, which blade gap is adjustable and the blade can be removed from the grinding.
Leveler: It is composed of a side plate archway, a leveling roll, and a simultaneous pressing mechanism. The use of five-roll leveling, upper leveling roller lift and bite angle adjustment. At the same time, the worm gear device is adopted, and two AC0.75KW gear motor drives (electric) are used on the power side, and the operating wheel is rotated (manually) to adjust the pressure gap of the upper roller. Leveling roller material: 40Cr by roughing, quenching, finishing, intermediate frequency, grinding, hard chrome plated and then ground.
Power mechanism: It is composed of an independent rack, a synchronous box, a coupling, and a gear motor. Rack steel plate welding, precision gear distribution box, using universal coupling, cycloid gear motor, motor power 55KW, vector frequency control governor to adjust the pinch speed, with the host speed synchronous operation.

Through the introduction of the leveling machine, shovel head, pressure arm, clamp, and shear bed for the metal slitting line, it is believed that everyone has a better understanding of the production line of the gold and silver slitter, and will be explained in detail later. More Jinzheng slitter details visit Metal slitter product center. 
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