Main Composition and Technical Parameters of Uncoiler

The main structure of the uncoiler is described briefly
Uncoiler equipment mainly consists of a base, a damping mechanism, a host, a retractable reel, and a feeding trolley.
The mainframe adopts two racks with four tie rods and the flat or tapered pins are used to locate the integral structure fixed on the base. The spindle can move ±40mm axially, which is achieved by quenching, precision grinding into a high-precision outer circle directly replacing the inner ring of the short cylindrical roller bearing, and driving the screw by the hand wheel and by the two Thrust ball bearings are used to limit the position so that the spindle can be moved left and right relative to the rack.
The reel uses a replaceable type of flanged detachable structure. There are two types of commonly used reel structures. For a 76mm diameter reel with a core tube, a double taper head clamping with a simple taper of 1:3 can be used. Hand-screws are clamped manually and horseshoe-shaped washers are used for fast (without disassembling screws) handling.
For the 203mm diameter reel, because the tension range is too large (diameter 180, - diameter 220mm) up to 40mm, and the mandrel is less than 200, the typical structure can not be used. So a special structure designed by the diameter 140 steel pipe force, the screw is only the tension of the double quadratic pyramid around the screw relative diameter of the special structure, tightened by a manual wrench. The quadri-cone with a piston-type guide has an oil hole. When working, the aluminum disulfide can be automatically lubricated. At the same time, it is considered that there may be a large deviation between the reel and the reel. Therefore, the base shaft with a diameter of 170 to 210 mm is specifically considered in the structure. Adding watts to achieve a diameter of 180 ~ 220mm, so that it can be removed and smaller, but also can become larger processing.
The unpowered damping force is achieved by a pair of diaphragm type cylinders that act on the friction discs of the main shaft through clamp friction plates. The tension changes with the change of air pressure and the size of the coil diameter. The lower part of the main machine is equipped with a pair of main reels. The parallel folding rollers enable the strip to pass through the bottom of the machine under better alignment conditions. Taking into account the installation accuracy of the entire unit, an adjustable folding roller at the outlet end of the original unit unwinding machine should be retained. (But it can be adapted to a suitable site).
The loading trolley is a simple hand-carrying trolley, but it is also a versatile special component. The V-shaped frame guides and maintains a stable, manual hydraulic jack through two guide rails with a diameter of 32. It is hoped that the lifting range will be limited to 120 mm or less, and that the changing type should adopt a stud mode, and the studs should have a screw positioning.
In order to facilitate the shaking of the hand spanner, the handrail of the trolley is made to be foldable and flat. After the handrail is lifted, the pair of hook pins are firmly fixed by the design and research. When the handle is put down, only the connecting rod of the hook can be used. Unloading and opening. There is a simple peeking centering hole above the armrests to facilitate the centering of the coils, and a blocker block is provided to prevent possible rollback. The outer rail installed by the user must be level with the inner rail to prevent the trolley from jumping. Considering that each roll needs to work for more than one hour and is used infrequently, in order to avoid leakage of the pneumatic slide valve, a reliable manual stainless steel ball valve is used and the voltage of the gas cylinder is increased.
The main technical parameters of the uncoiler
(1) Unit line speed 30 m/min
(2) Unwinding tension O--~60kg, tension stability range ±15%, air pressure clamp frictional damping, working pressure 0~0.4Mpa
(3) Incoming specifications
a. Aluminum coil (with steel tube core), tube diameter 176mm, tube length 320±10mm, roll diameter 1650~1lO00mm, width 300mm, roll weight ≤500kg
b. Steel coil (coreless), internal diameter 203, diameter range 1l80~220mm, roll diameter 1lO00mm, width 200mm, roll weight ~650kg
(4) Reel Type: Removable Flange Coupling
a. 76mm fixed sleeve manual fast clamping
b. 180~220mm shrinking and quadrangular pyramid artificial clamping
(5) Roll-up method: The tracker pushes on the material trolley with a gauge of 500mm. The manual hydraulic jack raises the V-shaped frame, and the maximum lifting amount is 120mm, which can add lOOmm.
(6) Incoming materials: manual hand wheel adjustment, centering range ± 40mm
(7) Frame size 1300 X 850 X 1200 mm(h)
(8) Gross weight of equipment 750kg

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