Maintenance and Summary of Pneumatic Components of Metal Slitting Machine

The pneumatic parts and components used in the metal slitter include: pneumatic cylinder, speed regulating valve, shuttle valve, pressure reducing valve, electromagnetic valve, manual valve, oil mist device, water mist separator, etc.
1. Pneumatic cylinder: it is a dynamic action device, which consists of pneumatic cylinder, electroplate shaft core, front and rear cover plate, piston and gas seal. The easiest to lose is the air seal, there are O, Y, V and so on. When used, it may be caused by gas seal damage if its operating capacity is detected to be decreased (test method: when one end of the cylinder is removed and the other end is supplied with air, if any gas leaks out of the pipe opening, it is determined to be caused by poor sealing). We can open it to check if the air seal is damaged or other cylinder parts are defective.
2. Speed regulating valve is also called throttle valve: it is a kind of air pressure element that controls the speed of cylinder by adjusting gas flow. It is generally not easy to damage, if there is damage, may be caused by valve body rupture or rotary damage.
3. Shuttle valve: shuttle valve has two one-way and one one-way. There are three airflow outlets. When the pressure inlet is relatively large, the outlet pressure of the air flow is shown as the larger pressure outlet, and the inlet of the one-way valve is locked. This valve is usually used when the uncoiler brake and tension exert different pressure on the output port. The single inlet check valve structure is usually adopted.
4. Pressure relief valve: a pressure relief valve is a device that decompress the pressure or branch pressure in the system and adjusts the knob to achieve the pressure we need. Its structure is made up of pressure gauge, valve body, spring and decompression diaphragm. Usually, when the pressure reducing valve fails or leaks, it is all caused by diaphragm damage.
5. Solenoid valve: it is a functional valve that generates electromagnetic force through the electromagnetic coil when it gains electricity, and pushes the spool to complete the choice of gas passage. The position refers to the way that the valve body controls the air passage, that is, when a certain position is applied, the action direction of the cylinder is different.
6. Oil mist triplet: means that when the gas passes through, the lubricating oil stored in the oil cup will be atomized and lubricated with the gas into the moving cylinder. At the same time, the device can separate the water in the gas and control the outlet pressure through the pressure regulating valve. Its composition and structure are: pressure regulating valve, oil mist device and water mist separator.