Metal Slitter Hydraulic Feeding Trolley

As the degree of industrialization becomes higher and higher, in all industries, everyone plays their imagination and creativity makes it easier for people to work, especially for manual workers. As a national high-tech enterprise in the metal processing industry, Rishbin focuses on the development, production and sales of metal slitters. At the same time, more and more attention has been paid to the automation of metal slitter equipment.
Previously , we introduced the basic overview of the slitter. Slitting slitters are also known as metal slitters. From the metal strip to the entire production line, it is well-known that hydraulic loading trolleys are also of prime importance as the primary components. Hydraulic feeding on the car in the metal strip production line is mainly auxiliary metal coil, such as stainless steel coil, aluminum coil, copper coil and other accurate delivery to the unwinding machine, so as to better complete the primary task of the metal strip production line , as well as to prepare for the entire sub-production line.
In the following, Rishbin will explain the relevant knowledge of hydraulic feeding trolleys for metal slitting machines.
The hydraulic feeding trolley is characterized in that it includes a support table and a base. The support table is equipped with a support wheel on which a steel strip is placed. The base is mounted with a shaft, and wheels are mounted on both ends of the shaft that can roll on the track. The bottom of the support table is connected to the piston rod of the cylinder. The cylinder is mounted on the base, which is on both sides of the piston rod. The support tables are respectively connected to the guide posts. The guide post extends into the slide guide hole of the base.
The hydraulic feeding trolley of Rishbin Metal Slitter will customize and produce according to the width and thickness of the customer's requirement. The following are the technical parameters of a certain size of hydraulic feeding trolley.
Incoming hydraulic truck
The hydraulic hydraulic trolley is equipped with a four-column type. The frame adopts steel plate welding, V-type trolley, hydraulic lifting, the cylinder size is Φ150 X500mm, electric walking, and the motor is a 2.2KW cycloidal needle motor with a load of 20 tons.
Through the above introduction, It should be believed that we have a deeper understanding of the hydraulic feeding trolley in the metal slitting machine. For more information, please call the free hotline: 4008-827-828
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