Metal Slitter Test Note

Metal slitting machine, as the name suggests, is a metal sheet, coil, such as stainless steel, aluminum coil, copper coil, iron coil and other metal material slitting processing equipment. The entire production line of the metal slitting machine developed by Rishbin Machinery is mainly composed of the following components. At the same time, there are issues to be noted during the test process for different components. The completion of the test machine can ensure that the entire set of metal slitters can be improved. Efficiently complete the company's production needs. The following is a brief explanation of the test points for the metal slitter.
1.First of all, ensure that the operator of the metal slitter test machine is familiar with the operation process, and strictly follow the operation flow, and have the qualification certificate. This also includes the operator's own long hair can not be maintained, with gloves to operate the machine, the clothes should be tightened cuffs (except for loading and unloading tools). All are designed to ensure the safety of the operator when operating the metal slitter.
2.After ensuring that the connection line of the entire production line of the metal slitting machine is correct, the metal slitter is powered on. After the power is turned on, the electronic control door must not be opened at will, and the electronic file must not be touched by hand to prevent electric shock . Besides,pay attention when handling the metal slitter.
3.When the metal slitter is feeding from the cart, pay attention to the strength and the fixed position of the material to prevent the raw material from falling off and bruising the foot. At the same time, ensure that the position of the metal material on the uncoiler is accurate.
4.Do not open the slitter control box door freely, and use the body or hand or head to touch the transmission part. When visually measuring the operation condition, do not put the head against the material and the roller too close. Do not rest the body on any part of the machine. The metal slitter must not touch the roller by hand during operation.
5.Finally, when loading, pay attention to the brake arm of the unloading arm to prevent the unloading arm and take-up shaft from falling off the material and bruising the foot.
When the entire metal slitter is fully operational, the metal slitter can be put into production to bring more benefits to the company. Metal slitter video appreciation address:  http://www.steelslitter.com/slitting-line/heavy-gauge-slitting-lines.html