Metal Strip Leveling Crosscutting Line

The metal slitting line is used to expand and straighten the rolled metal strip, crosscut according to the required length, and pile up orderly in stacks. The unit adopts gas, hydraulic, AC servo system, PLC control, and the number and length of shearing chip can be set. The unit performance is stable, the man-machine interface is good, the operation is safe and convenient.

Main technical parameters:

Raw material parameters of stainless steel slit coil.                                      
Suitable material: stainless steel. Plate thickness: 0.2~2mm. Roll width: 200~1000 mm. Steel coil inner diameter: 508 mm. Steel coil outer diameter: 800 mm~, 1700 mm. Steel coil weight: less than 12T.

The finished cut product parameters.
Specific length: 200~3000 mm. Shear speed: less than 40M/min. Post shear length error: less than + 0.5 mm. Diagonal error after shear: less than + 0.8 mm. Production speed: 40 /min (500 mm), 30 /min (1000 mm), 20 /min (2000 mm). The planeness of the sheet after leveling: < < 1.5mm/ >. Stacking height below 5 00 mm. Stacking weight: less than 5000 Kg.

Other parameters of the equipment.
Power: 380V/50HZ/ three-phase four wire. Installed capacity: 85KW. Unit area (about): long 20m x wide 6.5m x high 2.5m. Unit direction: from left to right (on the operating table toward the machine).

The process of the slitting line machine
Upload, open, feed, level, loop, guide, NC length, cross shear, conveyor belt, stacking rack, aggregate table.