NC Profiler Introduction and Operation Precautions

The numerically controlled cross shear machine can also be called a small-scale CNC shearing machine, and the English name is CNC horizontal shear machine equipment. CNC cross shears are classified cross shears, also known as cross shear line, cross shear unit. According to its speed is divided into: stop cutting, high-speed shear, flying shear. It is used to uncoil, level, cut, cut into flat sheets of desired length and stack the metal coils. It is suitable for processing all kinds of cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and all kinds of metal materials after surface coating. The CNC cross-cutting machine production line is mainly composed of a feeding trolley, an unwinder, a leveling machine, a feeding mechanism, a shearing machine, a conveying device, a stacking device, and the like. A slitting machine can be configured in the production line to slit the sheet into the desired width and cut and stacked.
The operation precautions of the NC cross shears are as follows:
1. Power Supply: First of all, we must understand that this model is a 220V two-phase or 220V three-phase power supply to determine whether the power input is reasonable or it will cause serious damage to the machine's electrical system.
2. Switching machine: The power switch of the operation interface of the control cabinet is the main switch of the power supply of the machine. When the power is on, the power indicator of the power indicator is green. Pressing the start button, the machine is in the working state; pressing the stop button will stop the work.
3. Emergency stop: The emergency stop button is used only when the machine is abnormal or the operation has failed and the man has a safety accident. The button presses the entire machine power supply system to cut off.
4. Control cabinets and servo drives: The control cabinets should be placed in a dry environment. Intrusion of oil, water or metal dust and harmful gases on the control cabinets and servo drives should be avoided. Non-professionals should avoid opening control cabinets, and when electrical equipment is used to maintain the wiring of detectors or other wiring, care must be taken in the wiring sequence, otherwise equipment storms, burns, etc. may occur. If the servo motor vibrates or the operation sound is too loud, please contact the manufacturer.
5. Man-machine interface: Check regularly whether the screws at the connection between the man-machine interface and the device are loose. Vents should be free from intrusion of foreign objects such as oil, water, or metal powder, and should be protected from intrusion of dust or harmful gases from the workshop. The power indicator is displayed. Is the communication with each device normal? Working environment: 10% to 90% RH [0 to 40°C], pollution level 2. If there is any abnormality in the man-machine interface, please consult the equipment supplier.
6. Parameter setting: Confirm whether each parameter setting is correct, depending on the mechanical characteristics may have unpredictable operation. Do not make excessive adjustments to the parameters. When resetting parameters, please make sure whether the driver is in SERVO OFF state, otherwise it will be the cause of failure.
7. Mould: The mold usually needs to grind the knife edge regularly; Pay attention when disassembling the mold; Be careful to use the alloy grinding wheel when grinding; Pay attention to the machine lubrication when installing the mold, need to add grease for the gear regularly, it is recommended to use the lubricating oil.
8. Handling and installation: Once the machine is installed and adjusted by the manufacturer, try not to move it. If it is necessary to move the position, move the machine and the control cabinet at the same time. Do not disassemble the machine and the control cabinet cable. Doing so may result in improper installation and cause the machine to operate abnormally or become unusable.