Notices Of Metal Strip Leveling Crosscutting Production Line

1. When the auto slitting machine is running automatically, the movable bridge must be lowered to the lowest position. Otherwise, the leveling motor will rotate quickly and result in piling up.

2. Before sizing, the fine leveling machine must be started first. Otherwise, the fine leveling machine cannot supply material and result in pulling the plate, which will cause damage to the machine.

3. When the sizing start automatically, the shearing machine must be located at the lower limit.

4. The number of packages can be set on the working screen of the touchscreen, and the counting of the clipboard will stop automatically after reaching the set number.

5. When the used measuring wheel runs automatically, it must be pressed tightly. Otherwise, the calibration accuracy is not accurate or out of control.

6. The left material must arise from the measuring wheel, put the manual-automatic switch of the ruler to the manual position, press the servo point to move the turn button until the steel plate enters the uplink scissors, completely out of the backdrop roll and then take out the left material.

7. Only when the measuring wheel rises, can the five-roller leveling machine operate in the manual position.

8. When there is no steel plate left in the five-roller leveling machine does, it is not allowed to press the measuring wheel to the automatic start position, otherwise, the servo motor will be out of control.

9. After the servo starts, the personnel is strictly forbidden to enter the slitting line.