Production Line of Cold Plate Longitudinal Shear Strip Unit

The cold plate longitudinal cutting unit production line is mainly aimed at the slitting processing equipment designed for the cold rolled plate. If customers have special requirements, the technical transformation of needle can also be applied to other metal coil processing.
The cold rolled plate is also known as the cold rolled steel plate, also known as cold rolled coil, Jinzheng machinery has explained in detail with you. Cold rolled is commonly used in the steel industry, which is different from the hot rolled coil. It refers to a steel strip rolled directly into rolls with a roll at room temperature and rolled by a coiler. Compared with hot-rolled coil, cold-rolled coil has bright surface and high finish, but it will produce more internal stress, and often anneal after cold rolling.
At present, cold rolled steel plate is widely used in industrial production, such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, locomotive and vehicle, aviation, precision instrument, canned food and so on.
Classification: generally cold rolled sheet, stamping grade cold rolled plate, ultra deep grade cold rolled plate.
Material: Q195, Q215, Q235, 08AL, SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, SPCEN.
The following is the kjs60-6 *1500mm cold-rolled steel longitudinal shear slitting and slitting unit production line of Jinzheng machinery customized design and development for Indian customers.
Customer: India
Material: cold rolled steel plate
Coil Thickness: 0.6-6mm
Coil Width: 400-1500 mm
MAX Coil Weight: 15 tons
MAX Speed:60m/min
Slitter Number:5-15
Installation time:2014-6-28