Safety Regulations for Steel Slitting Line Technical Operations

1. Steel slitting machine operators must understand the slitting equipment performance and operations.
2. Before steel slitting equipment start to operate, the operator must confirm whether the machine is in good condition before starting up.
3. The machine should be maintained well before starting up, and it must be greased and lubricated by the quality and quantity.
4. When air source is opened, please check the oil and water separator in the equipment firstly, discharge the water in the precipitation cup to clean, and check whether the air leakage in the equipment or not and deal with it in time.
5. Turn on the power, run the slitter for test, and confirm no fault before operating. When the slitter is running, firstly rotate at low speed for 10 ~ 20 minutes. Check whether the equipment has abnormal sound or not, stop the machine in time or notify the maintenance personnel to be for maintenance on site.
6. Feeding of product should be placed in the central position of the coil slitter, adjust the position of the photoelectric eye of the uncoiling frame and adjust its sensitivity to ensure stable tracking and confirm the direction of the coil.
7. Guide the sheet to the cutter shaft by the direction of the slitter feeding. Turn on the tracking, placing the sheet to be straight, press the glue stick, and confirm the position of cutter .
8. Check the position of cutting tool strictly to ensure that the product error is not greater than 0.3mm according to the requirements of production order and production process sheet.
9. Check the specifications of the paper tube strictly, and it must ensure that the size and specifications of the paper tube is consistent according to the requirements of production process .
10. Set up the tension of feed, tension of pinch roller and swing roller. Set the tension according to the experience tension.
11. Turn on control power of the coiling tension to adjust the speed to the empirical value, reset the counter to zero, and set the coiling meter.
12. Speed up stably to ensure ensure no bump in coiling with paper container.
13. When the meters are enough, slow down the machine speed to ensure that the product is no deviation, and it is clean and tidy.
14. When the coil slitter is in operation, the local area water and waste are lubricating oil from the equipment that should be cleaned up in time to prevent slipping.
15. When the operator is working, it is strictly forbidden to put the blade in the mouth casually, in order to avoid accidents.
16. When the slitter line is in operation, operators are strictly prohibited to touch the transmission parts by hand (drive shaft, gear, belt wheel and seat roller, etc.)
17. When the slitter line is running and matters are clamped by clamping rods and pressure rollers, the machine must be shut down for cleaning, and it is not allowed to operate illegally without stopping the machine.
18. When the slitter line is in normal operation, no emergency stop is allowed if it is no accident. Slow down before stop the it to ensure the life of the equipment.
19. Keep clean around the machine, prohibit to pile up too much sundries and dangerous articles, so as to avoid evacuation of people in case of accidents timely.
20. Before leaving work, the operator must clean and sweep and maintain the steel slitting equipment.

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