Silicon Steel Sheet Slitting Line

The silicon steel sheet longitudinal cutting production line is a special equipment for cutting the rolled steel sheet and other rolled materials into a certain width strip. It is suitable for processing and manufacturing coil materials such as transformers, motors, transformers and so on. 
The silicon steel sheer production line is controlled by PLC, display of man-machine interface, high degree of automation, simple and reliable operation. 
Silicon steel sheets, as the English name is silicon steel sheets, is a kind of silicon iron soft magnetic alloy with very low carbon content, which generally contains 0.5-4.5% silicon content. The addition of silicon can increase the resistivity and maximum magnetic conductivity of iron, and reduce the recalcitrant force, core loss (iron loss) and magnetic aging. It is divided into oriented silicon steel and non-oriented silicon steel, which is an important soft magnetic alloy indispensable for power, electronics and military industry. It is mainly used for making iron core of transformer, motor and generator.
The longitudinal shear production line of Rishbin mechanical silicon steel sheet is mainly designed and developed for the characteristic of silicon steel sheet. The integrity of the material after the shearing process of silicon steel sheet is best guaranteed by the slitting production line of silicon steel sheet.
Jinzheng mechanical longitudinal shear production line is not only applied to silicon steel sheet, but also processing stainless steel material, galvanized steel sheet, aluminum plate, copper coil and other metal materials.