The Application of the Numerical Control Technology of the Slitting Machine 2

With the rapid development of industrial automation, numerical control technology is widely used in all sorts of machine tool equipment, Rishbin mechanical slitting machine production line, numerical control technology is adopted in sheet metal processing equipment.
Numerical control technology is a digital control method to achieve automatic control of a working process. It usually controls mechanical quantities such as position, Angle and speed, as well as switching quantities related to mechanical energy flow. Numerical control relies on the emergence of data carriers and binary data operations. Numerical control has become an irreversible trend in the production of modern large machine equipment.
The electric control system is included in the basic components of Rishbin slitting slitter production line. Among them, the whole line sequence action of the electrical air system of Rishbin vertical shear slitter is controlled by PLC program, which realizes the whole line sequence control. Electric control operation station: equipped with three required electric control operation stations, one-stop operation of the whole line control, line speed regulation. The application of NC technology has further improved the speed and precision of slitting of the whole production line, and greatly improved the production efficiency of slitting equipment.
With many advantages of numerical control, a hurricane is blown up in the whole machinery and equipment industry. In addition to the metal plate processing equipment industry of Rishbin, the casting machine tools are also numerically controlled.
The advantages of numerical control transformation of casting machine tools are as follows: NC machining of casting machine can produce complex castings, such as curves not processed by traditional machine tools. The automation of machining can be realized, and it is flexible and automatic, so the efficiency can be increased by 3~7 times than that of traditional machine tools. The machined castings have high accuracy, small size dispersion, easy assembly and no need for workers. It can realize the concentration of multiple processes and reduce the frequent movement of castings between machine tools. It has a variety of self-discipline functions such as automatic alarm, automatic monitoring, automatic compensation and so on, so it can achieve long time unattended processing. It reduces the labor intensity of the workers, saves the labor force (one can manage multiple machine tools), reduces the tooling, shortens the trial production cycle of new products, and can make rapid response to the market demand and so on.
Therefore, the application of numerical control technology has brought great changes to the traditional manufacturing industry, which is the reason why the whole machine tool industry is catching up with the trend of numerical control.
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