Use Regulations of Sectional Machine Processing Equipment

RISHBIN, which is well-known as metal processing equipment manufacturers in the world, is an national high-tech enterprises. Our company specializes in the R & D and production of sheet metal slitting line, metal sheet slitting machines, metal sheet cross cutting machines, flying shear production lines, cross cutting production lines and other processing equipment. In the production and processing of various slitter equipment, we always strictly follow the requirements of the implementation of production. In the production of slitter production lines, we will use metal cutting machines to produce and process the various parts of the slitter. For some safety requirements for the use of metal cutting machine tools, RSHBIN is also well known in mind. The following is a brief explanation of the general rules and requirements for the use of metal-cutting machine tools.
Preparation before work
1.Select and use suitable protective equipment. Wear overalls to fasten the cuffs, buckle all buttons, and press the hair in the work cap.
2.Check whether the hand tool is in good condition.
3.Check and arrange the work site, place the tools and tools according to the habits of the left and right hands. Blanks and parts should be stacked.
4.Check if the machine's special lifting equipment is normal.
5.Check the condition of the machine, such as the position and firmness of the guard. Check whether the power cable, operating handle, handwheel, cooling lubrication hose collides with the moving parts of the machine tool. Check the use of the front class machine.
6.For empty car , inspection start and stop button;.Check whether the handle, the lubrication and cooling system are normal.
7.For a large machine tool requiring more than two people, the main operator must be clearly identified. When operating, they must have unified command and cooperate with each other.
1.The weight and outline size of the workpiece to be processed should be compatible with the technical performance data of the machine tool.
2.If the weight of the workpiece is greater than 20kg, use lifting equipment. In order to facilitate the movement, a special hoisting clamp attachment can be used, and the clamping attachment for lifting can only be released after the mounting of the card on the machine is reliable.
3.In the case of workpiece rotation or tool rotation, it is prohibited to use gloves.
4.Stand firmly when fastening workpieces, tools, or machine attachments. Do not use excessive force.
5.Before starting the machine, make sure that the machine attachments, workpieces, and tools are all fixed and reliable and are not dangerous to anyone.
6.When the machine is already working, it is not possible to change the handle and perform measurements, adjustments, and cleaning. The operator should observe the process.
7.If flying chips are formed during processing, the protective baffle should be put down to remove the chips on the machine table and workpieces. It is not possible to directly use the hand or use compressed air, but use special tools.
8.Place the workpiece correctly. Do not block the machine near the channel. Clean the chips in a timely manner, such as the workplace, especially the pedals, can not have coolant and oil.
9.When you leave the machine, you must stop even if it is a short time.
10.When you smell electric insulation and generate odor and find that the operating sound is abnormal, you must stop and check quickly.
End of work 
1.Turn off the machine, organize the work site, and tidy up the tools, attachments, and measurements.
2. Use special tools to clean the chips.
3. Perform routine maintenance such as adding oil.
4. Turn off the lights on the machine and turn off the machine.

In Rishbin, the metal cutting machine tools that employees use in processing and manufacturing various components of sheet metal slitters are strictly executed in accordance with their operating procedures. On the one hand, it avoids the occurrence of unnecessary safety accidents. On the other hand, because of the slitter components being processed in strict accordance with the requirements, we can make our slitter equipment more accurate and more efficient.