Ways and Benefits of Realizing the Intellectualization of the Slitters

Slitter is one of the most widely used processing equipment in the daily processing of sheet metal, which can cut materials. As the key tension system of the machine, through which way can we control it?

At present, most of the slitters are controlled by magnetic powder clutchs, but because of their limitations, it is easy to lead to serious faults. With the development of technology and the use of intelligent devices, the slitters began to adopt the vector converter motor to control the tension system, and realized the intellectualization.

Besides, the machine also uses pendulum roller automatic detection to make the tension system more stable, reliable and easy to operate. As an important index to ensure the quality of the product, only with a stable tension system can we control the tension between the unwinding, pulling, shearing and winding of the slitters, so that the shearing process can be in a stable condition.