Ways of System Signal Conversion of Slitter

Most of the slitters we have seen are used for plate processing, and their functions have been basically automated, so the control system in the equipment is particularly important. The slitters are controlled by the electro-hydraulic servo control system, which mainly uses the conversion among various signals to realize various actions. But there are many options for signal conversion, understanding them in detail can help us to make choices.

1. High Speed Switch Valve

This way is to use the torque motor with high-speed response directly or indirectly to drive the switch valve fixed at the opening, the digital signals output by the computer can be amplified to control the front switch valve, so that the valve can control the opening and closing. The feedback signal can be transmitted back to the computer in the form of digital quantity through the processing of the sampler, so as to control the slitter.

2. Digital to Analog Conversion

By using the digital to analog converter, the digital quantity output by the computers can be converted into analog quantities to control the current acting on the input end of the servo valve or proportional valve. The feedback signals can also be converted into digital quantity through the analog to digital converter and back to the computer, so as to complete the conversion between signals.

3. Stepper Motor

It is a kind of conversion mode realized by the stepper motor controller. The digital signal output by the computer is input into the converter in pulse mode. The rotation tangle of the step motor is converted into the opening of the valve through a set of transmission devices, thus the digital flow valve is formed. Coupled with its export pressure and its proportion, a digital pressure valve is formed so as to achieve the purpose.

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