• Light Gauge Slitting Lines
    Light Gauge Slitting Lines Light Gauge Slitting Lines are capable of processing different sized coils from cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, tin plates, aluminum, and electrical steel. They can produce coils from 0.15 mm to 3 mm in thickness at speeds of up to 300 meters per minute.

    Our light gauge, high speed coil slitting processing lines have strong power and versatility to be able to process heavier materials. We also have a continuous thickness measuring system to provide a greater strip quality. The design and the manufacture of sheet metal slitter machine meets high standard of quality according to the market demand.
  • Medium Gauge Slitting Lines
    Medium Gauge Slitting Lines Medium Gauge Coil Slitting Lines are designed to handle heavier materials. They are also capable of a variety of edge trim scrap systems that include scrap winding, scrap balling, and scrap chopper systems.

    As an experienced slitting machine manufacturer, RISHBIN provides medium gauge slitting lines that are capable of handling heavy coils that can weigh up to 35 tons, and run at 70 meters per minute, which ensures efficient production.  High quality steel slitting lines for sale with different speed options available to help you achieve your own production capacity target.
  • Heavy Gauge Slitting Lines
    Heavy Gauge Slitting Lines Heavy Gauge Slitting Line are designed to slit high strength heavy gauge materials. These gauge steel slitter can coil with capacities of 35 tons. They can operate at speeds of up to 60 meters per minute.

    RISHBIN heavy gauge steel coil slitting lines are fully automated with three slitting modes; full loop, pull through. We will be your ideal choice for quality slitting line manufacturer on account of our years of focus on coil processing equipment.

  • Light Gauge Cut To Length Lines
    Light Gauge Cut To Length Lines When you are running prepaint, galvanized, or hot roll material, RISHBIN produces a complete line of Coil Processing Equipment that offers practical solutions to meet today’s most demanding requirements. Our Cut-To-Length / Blanking Lines are packed with useful timesaving features that really make a difference. We offer a wide variety of options that allow you to custom configure a line to meet your specific requirements. Together we can design a Cut-To-Length Line or a Blanking Line that will make your job easier, cut costs, and increase your profits. RISHBIN specialty is light gauge lines designed specifically for clients who want to process their own sheets in house. We will customize your equipment to meet your specific needs.
  • Medium Gauge Cut To Length Lines
    Medium Gauge Cut To Length Lines Medium Gauge Cut To Length Lines are applicable to coils of various specifications. According to different thickness and running speed, they could be designed to Stop-Go CTL and Looping CTL. Looping cut-to-length lines are designed so that the material is accumulated in a loop while the shear performs a cut to allow for cutting material without stopping the feed. These machines are a more cost effective method of continuous strip processing than a flying shear but require a pit or overhead clearance to allow for considerable accumulation.  Details
  • Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Lines
    Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Lines The heavy gauge cut to length line is designed for material thicknesses larger than 12.7 mm. By alternating between corrective leveling and plate flatteners, a wide range of input thicknesses can be accommodated. Heavy gauge lines utilize large scale mechanical or hydraulic shears for cutting material, also known as Stop Start CTL. With heavy duty stacking sections allow for handling bundles of cut plates. Due to the increase of thickness of the material, a more robust peeling and material handling section is used.  Heavy gauge lines are also useful for the processing of exotic alloys with higher shear strength ratings. Details
  • Rotary Shear Cut To Length Lines
    Rotary Shear Cut To Length Lines RISHBIN Rotary Shear Cut To Length Lines are very high production capacity lines. They are mostly used for cutting short pieces of thin metal sheets (less than 3mm), with max. 150 cutting times per minute, running line speed is up to 80 meters per minute. It’s very fast and continuous cutting process. Compared with stop shear Cut to Length line, the rotary shear line can achieve cutting the plates without stop the feeding, higher speed, better accuracy and surface protection. 
Rishbin Profile
RISHBIN, an innovative supplier in cutting lines, was founded in 1999. With almost twenty years development, it has become a leading professional supplier in this field and exports its quality production line to the world. RISHBIN is dedicated to providing quality services and quality products.
Rishbin- Quality Control
RISHBIN has the specified service. For different cutting materials, we can provide different cutting machines based on features of kinds of materials. Morever, Before the product reaches the market, we have strict inspection to ensure the quality so that clients have a nice experience. 
Rishbin- Quality Service
Except providing the excellent product, RISHBIN has the considerate after-sales service. Rishbin’s technician can guide and share with clients about machine buying and using even they can come to help installation. And Any service would be provided after warranty period.
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