Steel Slitting Line/Machine

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Steel Slitting Line/Machine

Operating Procedure of Steel Slitting Line Machine

Preparatory work before steel slitting machine production

1. Before the formal production, the dust and dirt and other foreign matter on the surface of the equipment and the coil should be carefully cleaned to keep the equipment and the ground floor and articles clean. At the same time, all rollers on the guide road which the strip passes should be carefully cleaned. When necessary, it needs to be polished with sandpaper and then wiped clean with alcohol to ensure that the surface of the finished product is free from scratch and other defects caused by this process.

2. Check the mechanical and electrical system of the steel slitting equipment according to the equipment inspection table, and operate the equipment in an empty state to confirm that the equipment is in a normal and power-on state.

3. Check whether the production card is consistent with the batch number, alloy status, specification size and weight of the material coil; According to the quality and acceptance criteria of steel slitting linemachine, check whether the surface quality and end face quality of the pending coil meet the needs of production. Before starting the equipment, the crew must comply with the requirements for machine maintenance and operation. After carefully checking all parts of the body, they can send electricity, otherwise they are not allowed to start the equipment.

4. The blanks and finished products parameters are correctly input in the control procedures of the main operation console of the equipment, such as incoming material thickness, incoming width, finished product width, and finished product length. According to the width of incoming material and finished product, calculate the required cutting width and adjust the tool distance. Meanwhile, the number of pieces per stack is calculated according to the requirement of production card.

Matters needing attention in production

1. Be careful not to touch the coil when feeding.

2. Manually adjust the coils on the uncoiler. Normally, the coil must be aligned to ensure that the width of the two cut edges is as consistent as possible. In special cases, when there is a large crack or other defect on the side of the material, the width of the two cutting edge is not consistent, but the horizontal position of the coil on the uncoiler must be adjusted manually, and it is confirmed that the edge defect of the blank can be completely removed.

3. Check the thickness and width of incoming material before production can be carried out.

4. When the material coil with a thickness of more than 0.5mm is removed from the steel belt, the roller must be used to prevent the coil from being thrown.

5. The material should be positive when wearing, and the material should not be crooked or wrinkled. It is strictly prohibited to wipe the rollers at the entrance to avoid getting involved.

6. In the process of cutting slitting machine steel , when marks and scratches caused by the machine are found on the surface of the plate, the guide rollers on the guide road should be stopped and checked timely. If any prominent particles are found, they should be polished with sandpaper and then cleaned with alcohol.

7. Pay close attention to the surface quality of incoming materials during the operation of the machine. According to the requirements of the quality and acceptance standard of steel slitting linemachine, if it is found to be unqualified, it must stop the machine and find relevant technical quality personnel to deal with it.

8. Before each roll of material is produced, a sheet of material should be cut, and the production can be carried out in accordance with the technological requirements of the length and width on the card. If not, it is necessary to adjust the parameters of scissors, otherwise it is not allowed to continue production.

9. When lifting the finished products, it is necessary to carefully inspect the crane and rigging, and command and operate overhead travelling cranes to concentrate. Operators are prohibited from standing in small and unsafe places to prevent material from swinging.
10. In case of equipment failure in production, stop immediately and inform the maintenance staff to deal with it.

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