Copper Slitting Line

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Copper Slitting Line

Cutting Principle for the selection of the Slitter for Copper Belt

Precision copper slitting machine is mainly used for cutting edge and slitting of copper belt. It mainly consists of four parts: the coiler, the disk scissors, the coiler and the edge reaper. According to the cutting requirements of copper strips of different specifications and different states, it can be divided into active shear and passive shear.

1.Active shearing machine

The active cutting disc shears are driven by the motor, the copper strip is actively rolled into the disc scissors, the scissors motor is dragged for the active shear, into the pit, and then the coiler is entered through the guiding and pressing device to complete the strip of the copper strip.

2.Passive shearing machine

The passive disc shears, also known as tension shears, are usually used for trimming and striping of hard copper strips. When normal cutting, the reel machine and the disc scissors do not drive, and the coiler is active, and the reel machine and the disc scissors are pulled together, which is characterized by high speed shearing.
During the shearing process of the copper slitting line, it is necessary to ensure that the soft thin strip of copper strip is not S in the process of shearing, the plate type is straight, the edge wrinkle is not rolled, the roll is coiled, and the design principle needs to take the active shear form.

a. It is necessary to ensure that the copper strip is in alignment with the scissors guiding device without curling and wrinkling, and there are 2 ways to guarantee it. First, the copper belt enters the scissors guiding device in a free state. Even if the copper coil is uneven, because the material is free, the guiding device can force the copper strip to automatically fold to the middle and the edges. Before entering the scissors, there is a pressure plate to ensure that the copper strip is smooth when feeding, and the width tolerance is not fluctuant. A motor driven pinch roll is installed before the unwinding machine, and the motor is used for speed regulation. At the same time, the winder still uses the wind pressure lock form, when the shearing is added with tension to prevent the need to stop during the cutting process, the coiler will continue to move because of the inertia, and the copper belt is scratched on the ground. A pit is set up between the clipper and the scissors to store a copper strip to ensure that enough copper strips are still free to enter the disc scissors when the speed adjustment is biased.

The other way is that the coiler is still passively reeling, but the oil cylinder is installed on the base of the reel machine, and a set of automatic alignment of the copper belt of the side system to the scissors is automatically looked for, so as to ensure that the coiling copper belt does not bite and wrinkle when it enters the scissors guide. The device generally adopts hydraulic servo system, which is expensive, and the maintenance requirements of the hydraulic system are very high, so it is not used.

b. The cut copper belt enters the pit. The purpose is to store the length of the buffer copper belt when there is a difference of length between the strips, so that the length of the copper belt is easy to be consistent with the length between the coiler and the tensioning machine, so that each copper belt is tightened. System programming enables the operation of the whole system to be stable regardless of acceleration and deceleration.

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