Rotary Shear Slitting

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Rotary Shear Slitting
Rotary cutting machine is simple and convenient to operate. The machine cutting process (turning, slitting, cross cutting) is completed in different stations, and the cutting and transferring are controlled in the same device. Therefore, the work is simplified, operation and maintenance are convenient.That is the reason why it has been widely used in the production of advertising companies.

Rotary Shear Slitting working theory

The flip spreader flips the mold by 90 degrees in the air and then releases the mold to place the blank along with the mold side plate on the cutting table. The longitudinal cutting device drives itself through the motor to carry out walking cutting on the green body placed on the cutting table. Then it will be  transferred to the pause position after the cutting is completed. The transverse cutting device is driven by the motor to the center of the blank. After stopping, the horizontal cutting is performed, and the cutting frame cuts vertically from top to bottom until it rises and resets.

Rotary cutting machine main features

1.The cutter mechanism is simple, compact and easy to maintain.
2.The working efficiency of the machine is high. The blank can be flipped on the other side while cutting the blank.
3.The Operation of flip is balance and reliable.
4.The green body cutting is accurate.
5.There are two forms of cross-cut transmission. That is , mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission.
6.It can be slot milling at the same time when cutting blank. Therefore, the Machine is suitable for sheet metal processing.

Rotary Shear Slitting Line Video