Steel Coil Slitting Line

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Steel Coil Slitting Line
To understand the performance of the slitting machine, we must first have a certain depth of understanding of the slitter. There are several aspects to measure the performance of the steel coil slitting machine. Among them, the shear quality of the metal strip is an important aspect of measuring the performance of the steel coil slitting machine. The following detailed analysis of this issue.

There are several factors that affect the shear quality of a metal coil:

1. The upper and lower knife overlap
2. Side clearance
3. The uniformity of the hardness of metal coils.

The correct amount of overlap is to ensure that the metal sheet has the best bite angle and the continuity of the shear. It is related to the tensile strength, thickness, tension, shear force and tool processing accuracy of the metal coil.

If the overlap amount is too large, the bite angle will be too small, and the shear torque will be increased. If the overlap amount is too small, the phenomenon of local shear shear will continue to occur. Slitting shearing machine for metal strips will inevitably appear partial knife jumping during the actual use. Therefore, the maximum deflection of the cutter shaft and the strength of the checking knife shaft must be set so as to avoid affecting the correct shear overlap amount.

The machining accuracy of the tool is also an important factor influencing the shear quality of the metal coil. It is related to the efficient continuous cutting. If there is a gap between the knife shaft and the hole in the knife, eccentricity will occur when the knife moves. If the eccentricity is too large, intermittent shearing will occur. However, with the continuous advancement of technology, the current adjustment of the overlapping amount of the slit strip slitting machine for metal strips has been digitally automated, making it more accurate and convenient. For example, the most representative brand in the industry, the Golden Goblet and the Golden Goblet, has passed. In 18 years, he focused on the research, development, and production of slitters for metal slitting. It is quite mature in terms of technology. So that in the industry there is a small celebrity.

The side gap of the  steel coil slitting machine also determines the quality of the edge of the stainless steel slit coil. The shear zone and tear zone should be neat and the surface is smooth. The general shear zone accounts for 20% of the thickness of the metal coil. To 45%, the thicker the metal coil, the larger the shear zone.

If the side clearance is too large, the metal coil will be distorted, causing the shear area to become smaller, the tear area to become larger, and the burrs on the edges to increase. Its size is mainly related to the tensile strength and thickness of the shear material, so it is generally required to be 3% to 8% of the thickness of the metal coil.

The adjustment accuracy of the disc knife side gap of the metal coil slitting slitter is mainly achieved through the processing precision of the disc knife, composite rubber spacer and steel spacer, in simple terms, thickness, flatness, parallelism, Surface finishes and other such tolerances. In addition, the accumulated error of the group knife will also affect the adjustment accuracy of the side clearance of the disc knife. Therefore, the width accuracy of the cut metal coil should be determined by the side clearance of the knife, and cannot exceed twice the gap on the side of the knife.

The above is the depth analysis of the influence of the shear quality of the metal coil on the performance of the steel coil slitting line machine. Hopefully, it will help everyone.