Six Maintenance Rules for Hydraulic System of Mechanical Equipment Such As Slitter

With the rapid development of industry, more and more hydraulic drive systems for mechanical equipment are used more and more widely. However, hydraulic oil suffers from particle phenomenon is more common. At the same time, in the process of mechanical operations, there are also oil leakage, oil temperature changes, particle contamination and other factors. In order to achieve optimal mechanical working efficiency and provide the service life of hydraulic systems such as slitters and other mechanical equipment, the use of mechanical equipment for various manufacturers must take effective maintenance measures for the hydraulic systems of the mechanical devices such as slitters.
At present, according to the experience of Jinzheng Machinery in hydraulic systems of metal sheet processing equipment such as slitting line machine and cut to length line machine , the six major maintenance criteria are summarized and can be used universally in mechanical equipment.
Six maintenance criteria for hydraulic systems such as slitters and other mechanical equipment are as follows.
1. The fuel tank sealed, dust-proof, or install a breathing hole with an air filter.
2. During the process of storage and transportation of refined oil, it must be dustproof and waterproof.
3. The system must be equipped with a filter device to remove pollution particles in time, it would be better to use filters with indicator signals. Also, the bottom of the tank is installed magnetic catcher.
4. Install and regularly check the system, pumps, valves, cylinders and other components with the gap, Overhaul and adjustment to prevent leakage of the system, cleaning the pump suction coarse filter.
5. Put a protective cover on the seal of the fuel tank and push rod, or blow dust.
6. Under the normal working conditions, the pressure of the pump should be adjusted to the minimum working pressure in order to reduce energy consumption and prevent the oil temperature from being too high.
As long as we do a good job in maintaining the hydraulic system of mechanical equipment such as slitters, we believe that your machinery and equipment will be greatly improved.
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