The Composition of the Process for the Slitting Line of Silicon Steel Sheet

Silicon steel sheared line, as the name suggests, is a longitudinal shear line designed for silicon steel sheet and strip design. Rishbin has a professional scissors production line for silicon steel coil design, which is custom-made for production. At present, the longitudinal shear lines produced in China can be divided into two categories from the aspect of shearing technology. 1. The longitudinal shear line of the cutting and shearing process. 2. The longitudinal shear line of the pull - shear process. The shearing process of longitudinal shear line is a backward technology which has been used in China since 1960s. This method is difficult to guarantee the shearing quality. The cutting and shearing process of the silicon steel sheet longitudinal shear line refers to the progress of silicon steel sheet under the action of the feed roller, and then sent to the disc scissors. The speed of the scissors and the feeding roll line should be consistent. This process will probably cause the silicon steel sheet to bow between the feed roller and the scissors. When this kind of phenomenon is serious, the silicon steel sheet will even roll up with the rotation direction of the knife. The drawing and shearing process of the longitudinal shear line of silicon steel sheet is that the silicon steel sheet moves forward under the action of drawing roller and the disk scissors are cut passively. Because the wire speed of the drawing roller is slightly greater than that of the longitudinal scissors, the silicon steel sheet is always flat and straight between the drawing roller and the disc cutter, and is in the state of drawing and shearing to ensure the shear quality.  The longitudinal shear line of Rishbin mechanical silicon steel is mainly composed of the following equipment: uncoiling machine, slitting line machine, waste edge machine, compression device, winding machine, etc. The steel coil slitting line is used for trimming and discharging. By rotating the screw pair of the handwheel, the sliding sleeve on the spindle is driven, and the sliding sleeve drives the drum to expand or contract by connecting rod. Hydraulic transmission can also be used to complete the above actions.
The slitting machine is used for the longitudinal cutting of the coils. The waste side machine is used to recycle the excess side materials. The compression device is used to assist the winding machine to roll up the slitting silicon steel coil. Finally complete the customer's production requirements.