The Importance of Tension Controller to Slitter

Tension Controller
Tension is one of the most important technical index in the operation of slitter, which will be involved in the unwinding and winding of the equipment. In order to control the tension of the slitter better, the tension controller has become one of the indispensable parts of the slitter. The tension controller calculates the winding diameter and load torque by measuring the linear speed of the winding to set the tension.

Because the tension controller of the slitter can output a standard analog signal from zero to ten volts, which corresponds to the rated torque of the asynchronous motor, this analog signal can help connect to the frequency converter to select the torque given. In this way, the tension can be kept constant during the operation of the equipment.

If it is under the tension control mode, no matter it is DC motor, AC motor or servo motor, it is necessary to limit the speed. Otherwise, when the torque produced by the motor overcomes the load torque, the rotation acceleration will be generated, and the rotation speed will continuously increased to the highest speed.