Slitting Unit Lubrication System

The steel coil slitting line is used to uncoil, level, slit, and wind coils of different specifications into different width coils. This kind of production line has a high degree of automation, and the work process is simple and practical. It can process various kinds of cold-rolled plates and is widely used in the processing of metal plates such as automobiles, containers, household appliances, food packaging, construction, shipbuilding, and boiler manufacturing. The slitter line uses three-phase 50HZ, 380V AC power supply. The control part of the electrical system is isolated from the main circuit by a control transformer. The AC switch for control and solenoid coils are all AC 220V. The DC power supply for control is provided by an independent DC switching power supply. The unwinding machine of the production line is driven by a 15KW AC motor. The slitter is driven by a 37KW AC motor; the feeder is pulled by a 75KW AC motor. The AC motor adopts electromagnetic governor speed control, which has the advantages of simple speed regulation and convenient operation. Unit lubrication system The unit's lubrication system is based on a combination of centralized lubrication and manual lubrication. Lubrication points are used to lubricate the unit where the lubrication points are concentrated, such as leveling the main unit. The lubrication points are relatively concentrated, but the lubrication oil is not used for the backflow of the manual lubrication pump. Use manual oil gun lubrication at the dispersal point. 1. The work roll supports the various lubrication points and friction surfaces of the bearing. Normally, the lubricant is added once a week. The distribution box uses gear oil and is usually replaced once a year. 2. the choice of oil (1) Grease (GB40.3-65) Grade: ZGM40-2 (2) Dilution Oil Recommended Gear Oil (SYB1103-62S) Its code: HL-20 (winter) HL-38 (summer)
Tips: When you buy a cut to length machine and put it into production, in order to prolong the life of the machinery and equipment, you need to pay special attention to the lubrication system of the slitting unit. According to one of the above introductions, I believe your vertical Shear cutters will bring you more productive benefits.