General Problems of Steel Slitting Line Machine

1. In particular, in used of steel slitting line machine, waves appear at the edges when the positive poles are slitted, resulting in high at edge and low at middle. If pole coil become large, the cracks, broken belt and other problems will occur?

A.This condition is caused by irregular incisions at the edges, as well as the piling of powder, and the control of recoiling is also the matter.

B. Rishbin slitting line machine that I have never seen, and I do not know what kind of structure it is, blade type or rolling cutter type. Cutter edge is wavy, due to several reasons for this problem with the concrete analysis. It is the most important that the pole piece into the cutting part of the correction is related. Maybe, the front edge of your pole cutting is irregular, and the deviation correction is severe when it is slitting. It may also be that your pole running speed does not match the running speed of the slitting line, and it may also be that your blade meshes badly or the blade is blunt, and so on. 

If there are wavy edges but no burrs, it can be ruled out that the cutter is blunt. It is most likely that the upper and lower cutter do not match, the winding is slightly off and the problem of tension.

2. The most direct point of the steel coil slitting line is the edge burr precision and the alignment of the recoiling after slitting.
3. The core technology of coil slitter is the design structure and tension control mode of blade and tool rest.
4. The problem of corrugated edge appearance:
Firstly, the hardness of the blade is not enough, and the corrugated edge is caused by the soft blade.
Secondly, the tension is not stable. Pay attention to the method for the replacement of blade or adjusting method of tension.

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