Punch Feeder Working Principle

The automatic punch feeder is essentially a loading robot and is suitable for stamping processing in the bearing industry, hardware industry, and standard parts industries. It can automatically feed and feed, improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, improve labor intensity and ensure personal safety. Its beat and punch synchronization, continuous production, the overall structure is simple, compact, smooth transmission, reliable performance, safe use, easy operation, easy processing, assembly and disassembly, adjustment, maintenance, manufacturing economy. In the cold extrusion processing industry, especially in bearing stamping processing, it has a greater application prospect.
The basic requirements for automating stamping in automatic feeders are also the fundamental guarantee for multi-station stamping on a set of dies. The distance each time the automatic feeder feeds the material is called the feeding step, and the feeding step can be determined according to the shape and size of the stamping part and the need of the stamping process.
Punch feeder working principle
Feeding process
The motor drives the rotation of the crank through a V-belt drive and a single-stage gear drive to send a certain amount of thin steel plate into the position of the punch table.
Stamping process
The flywheel drives a crank mechanism. A crank in a crank-rocker mechanism is a driving part, which drives a rocker to swing, and the rocker is coaxial with the ratchet, so that the continuous reciprocating swing of the rocker is converted into a one-way intermittent motion of the ratchet. Ratchet and roller center The axis coincides, and finally a certain amount of sheet material is sent to the working position depending on the pressing force of the roller shaft.
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