Metal Strip Leveling Crosscutting Production Line: Electrical System

The metal slitting line adopts three phase 50HZ and 380V AC power supply.

The control part of the electrical system and the main circuit part are isolated by the control transformer.  The contactor voltage for control is AC220V, and the solenoid valve and air valve coil are DC 24V. The DC power supply for the control is provided by an independent DC switching power supply.  The production line is controlled by the Japanese OMRON CJ1M programmable controller, which has the characteristics of accurate control, high reliability, and easy maintenance. The digital servo motor of Japan YASKAWA Company 11KW is used in this unwinding production line as a fixed length drive, which has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed, simple control and adjustment, and stable and reliable operation. The production line is displayed and operated by the NS8 touchscreen of OMRON company of Japan. It can set the length and speed directly on the touchscreen. It is operated simply, pictured intuitively, and set easily. A measuring wheel is installed on the slitting line, and the measuring wheel can whether be used or not when sizing, it is convenient for operation and use. The leveling machine is driven by 30KW frequency conversion motor and powered by A1000 series inverter of YASKAWA Company. The vector frequency converter has the characteristics of simple installation and convenient operation. It can monitor the speed, torque, voltage, and current of the motor in real time. It is an advanced AC control system.