Metal Slitter Blade Related Technical Parameters

The well-known metal stripping machine manufacturers in China, RISHBIN Machinery won the title of National High-tech Enterprise. The metal slitting machine product line has full control of production and manufacturing experience. From the perspective of the relevant technical parameters of the metal slitter blade, simply explain the choice of metal slitter blades.
Metal slitting machine blades are used for the metallurgical strip cutting industry's disc rolling shears blades, also known as rolling shears knives, rolling shears and garden knives, slitter knives, and slitting knives. According to different materials, the gap control in the metal slitter blade is also quite demanding: 8-10% for steel, 2-6% for non-ferrous metals, and 12-14% for silicon steel.
Metal slitter blades are mainly made of high-quality tool steels and high alloy die steels such as T10, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MOV, LD, H13, W18Cr4V, H13K. Widely used in thin, medium and thick plate trimming, strips, etc., such as the hot-rolled coil, acid milling plate, electroplating and coloring, steel plate, silicon steel plate, stainless steel, silicon steel sheet and other industries. The slitter blade incision is smooth and flat, and the cutting edge is resistant to wear.
The metal slitting machine produced by Rishbin Machinery mainly uses metal sheet slitting and various slitting units. Its garden knife specifications from Φ10mm-2000mm, accuracy level up to 0.003, thickness tolerance ± 0.001, finish up to ⊿0.8, such as W6Mo5Cr4V2Co (A1), SLD, DC-53 and other new materials, its unique toughness and wear resistance, especially for precision 0.1-10mm stainless steel strips. The edge of the slitter blade is sharp and wear-resistant, and the incision is smooth and straight.

Metal slitter blade technical parameters

1. the maximum blade diameter: Φ800, the minimum diameter: Φ100. Thickness value 3mm--60mm
2. spacer (gap) thickness value: 0.8mm--200mm
3. plane thickness tolerance ≤ 0.003
4. the separation sheet selection 65Mn surface chrome-plated.
5.According to the customer's cutting of different metal coil materials and thickness, select 6 types of imported steel, eight types of domestic high-quality steel.
6. heat treatment using domestic leading equipment technology, optional: vacuum quenching, high frequency quenching, salt furnace quenching.
7. Three major elements of quality control and quality assurance: material selection, heat treatment, and precision.
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