Introduction of galvanized Steel Sheet

The slitters developed and produced by Rishbin are widely used in the slitting and processing of various metal plates. Among them, common galvanized steel sheets, especially galvanized steel sheets, can be processed into the galvanized coils of the specifications that they want through the unwinding, leveling, slitting, and winding of the production line of the gold-blade slitter. Of course, according to the different characteristics of the galvanized steel sheet, there will be different design requirements parameters for the gold sliver slitter.
The following takes the Jinzi slitter as an example to explain briefly some of the features and main uses of several common galvanized steel sheets.
Electro-galvanized steel plate (SECC)
It is resistant to fingerprints, has excellent corrosion resistance, and maintains the cold-rolled plate's processability.
Home appliances, computer cases, and some door panels and panels. But the quality of the zinc layer is much worse than foreign countries.
Hot dip galvanized steel sheet (SGCC)
There is no steel mill in the country that can produce high-quality materials, mainly imported from abroad.
The main features
1.Corrosion resistance;
2. Paintability;
3. formability;
4. spot weldability.
It is widely used, such as small home appliances, and has a good appearance. However, compared with SECC, it is more expensive, and many manufacturers use SECC instead to save costs. Zinc flower is divided into normal regular spangle and minimized spangle. There is a possibility that it can be distinguished by its plating. For example, Z12 indicates that the total amount of double-sided plating is 120 g/mm2.
Galvanized steel (SGLD)
Galvanized steel sheet is a kind of multi-phase alloy material containing aluminum rich and zinc rich. Because of the characteristics of aluminum and zinc, it has better performance than SGCC.
The main features
1. Corrosion resistance, its ability is much higher than SGCC;
2. heat resistance;
3. heat conduction and heat reflectivity;
4. Formability;
5. Weldability.
It is commonly used in some places that require good reflection, such as the reflection plate inside the oven, the reflection plate of the electric pot.While, its price is much more expensive than the SGCC.
After understanding the characteristics and uses of different galvanized steel sheets, Rishbin will be better and more considerate for customers when developing and manufacturing galvanized sheet slitters, and develop more precise and efficient galvanized sheet slitting production lines.